The new school building
Teaching outdoor

Teaming Up to Create a Better Future for Cambodian Children

MEDER electronic is committed to exercising social responsibility through supporting efforts that aim to provide under-privileged children with sustainable education and ultimately a better future.  We have teamed up with the charitable organization known as "Chibodia-Friends for Children in Cambodia e.V." ( to aid in funding the construction of a village school in Cambodia.
Located approximately 50 km northwest of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh, the school is currently attended by 400 children.  Some students travel as much as 20 km by bike and even by foot, demonstrating their extraordinary eagerness and enthusiasm toward attending lessons at their new village school.
Furthermore, these children are making extensive use of the new school resources; a library that consists of more than 4,200 books as well as 12 high quality laptop computers, funded by MEDER.  An eco-friendly solution for charging the laptop batteries is already underway with the installation of solar panels and the construction of a side building that will safely house the power generator.
The new 2010 year brings a new beginning in the way of higher education standards that require all teachers to possess a university degree, allowing the issuance of government approved English and Computer certificates.
This new village school filled with high quality resources serves as a stepping stone for an entire village community, one they are very proud of, in the promise toward a better future.  A future that MEDER has vowed to continue supporting through regular financial contributions as a dedication to providing a better future through high quality education.

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