CorTec GmbH

CorTec‘s engineering provides a direct interface between brain and technology, which is able to measure closed loop brain activity, and thereupon specifically stimulate the exact demand. CorTec is currently working on a flexible system, which will be multi-directional.

The new school building

There are 3 components to CorTec‘s interface:

  • A high resolution electrode which is placed on the surface of the brain, and which measures the electrical signal produced by brain acitivity.
  • An intelligent implant communicating through the skin.
  • A Software which evaluates and processes the data.
  • Conversely, the implant – controlled by the software – generates stimulation impulses, which are sent to the brain tissue via the electrode.  

Neuro technology is a highly innovative field, and the applications for CorTec‘s technology in this field are numerous.

Some examples are chronic pain therapy, epilepsy, parkinson, stroke rehabilitation, and even the control of relevant tools such as computers or wheelchairs.

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