Capical GmbH

Capacitive sensor technology has enabled the development of a compact multi-channel electrocardiogram device. With this device, 31 electrodes can be placed on the body at the same time and without additional cost. There is no more need to prepare the patient which means that the diagnostics is not only more precise, but also much faster. This, in turn, can save lives.

Capical‘s capacitive electrocardiogram c·one, which is the first on the market, allows for the measurement to take place in less than 30 seconds, without any adverse effect to the signal quality and / or diagnostic preciseness. Electrocardiograms as currently in use were invented more than 100 years ago. We believe that the time for innovations is ripe.

The new school building

» easy handling

- All electrodes are comprised in one single device, minimizing

   the potential for errors.

» fast diagnostics

- No need to prepare the patient

- measurement takes place in less than 30 seconds.

» high signal quality

- New generation of electrodes

- highest quality at minimal cost

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