The MEDER CommTech GmbH

The new school building

Our subsidiary MEDER CommTech GmbH produces Tour- and TravelGuides, location devices as well as radio transmission and Intercom systems.


Travel- and TourGuide Systems

The new school building

The wireless Travel- and TourGuide systems manufactured by MEDER CommTech GmbH are known for their outstanding quality, high reliability and easy maintanance. This technology is indispensible for high quality and professional guided tours, for example through industrial plants and museum, as well as for seminars, conferences and many other applications.
M-Invest GmbH  has entered into an agreement with other manufacturers, in order to cooperatively research and further refine our solutions. 

Location devices

The new school building

The location device RescueRadar is another interesting product which was developed by and is now available from our subsidiary MEDER CommTech GmbH.

Locate lives, save lives: RescueRadar helps to quickly find trapped and hidden persons. Developed according to highest technology standards, the system is able to detect even the smallest movement caused by a living being.



  • Trapped people search (earthquake, avalanches)
  • People detection in cars (car parks)
  • Detection of people hiding in automobiles (customs, jail)
  • Movement monitoring in non metallic underground ducts

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