Raw material extraction with old tires

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Old tires contain precious recyclable crude materials, such as oil and gas, but
- most importantly – carbon black.

Carbon black is a high technology material, which is subject to a stringent process, in order to ensure that it has exactly the desired properties. Carbon black is an important element in many industries and for a multitude of applications such as the production of pigment, plastic and tires, to name but a few. Experts predict a 4% increase in global market volume over the next few years.

Carbon Clean Tech‘s innovative solution for old tire recycling is called pyrolyses. It consists of the thermal separation of organic compounds in a vacuum, where high temperatures force the molecules to break up. While this method has long been reliably deployed in other areas of waste disposal, it has to date been considered as too expensive and generally inappropriate for recycling old tyres.  

Our environment is too precious to waste valuable ressources. M-Invest is therefore co-sponsoring a research project to realize the industrial pyrolyses of old tires. In June 2015 the Carbon Clean Tech GmbH merged with the company Pyrolyx AG in Munich, which as a result becomes the world´s largest manufacturer of Recovered Carbon Black(rCB).


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